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Whisky Barrel Aged Hot Sauce

What is Whisky Barrel Aged Hot Sauce?
Well, as the name suggests, its hot sauce that has been made utilising whisky barrel aging techniques. Being based in Edinburgh, I use barrels from the best Scottish Whisky distilleries to age my chilli mash for a minimum of 30 days, but usually for 60-180 days. Some real special batches are aged even longer that that!
How do you do it?
Well, its kind of a secret. Barrel aging hot sauce is not as easy as it sounds, and there's likely a few sauce makers out there who have tried to give it a go & can agree, it ain't so easy. That's what makes Big Jim's Whisky Barrel Aged Hot Sauce so special, I'm the only person in the world doing it. So, I'm planning to keep it a secret a little while longer
But, Don't Tabasco Whiskey Barrel Aged Their Sauce?
They absolutely do, & there's no disputing the fact that they are the absolute OG's of barrel aged hot sauce. The big difference? The letter 'E' Whisky = Scottish Whiskey = American I live in Scotland. That means that I live near the best Whisky distilleries in the world Tabasco, they're based out of good old Louisiana, a place i love, and home to some great WhiskEy distilleries who provide those all important barrels. Now in my opinion, the sweet spicy-ness of a bourbon barrel is great, but it just doesn't compare to the complex, smoky, malty flavours of a Scottish Whisky barrel. And after all, Scotch Whisky is made in old American Whiskey barrels, so i guess Big Jim's gives you the best of both worlds!

Big Jim, The Man, The Myth, The Legend...

Who Is Big Jim?
Well, that probably depends who you ask. If you ask my mum, she'd probably say I'm her special little boy! Other people might give you another answer; - 'he works in anaethestics for surgery or something.' - My Wife - 'He works for a surgical robotics startup, helping surgeons do operations with robots.' - friends I've not seen for a while - 'Da-da-da-da-da-da!' - My daughter In my view, I'm a guy who's trying to make the worlds best hot sauce
I started Big Jim's following a mental breakdown. My love affair with spicy sauce started back when i was 16, working my first proper job in Tesco. Stacking shelves, I always came across things that piqued my interest, & when i first saw a bottle with the label 'Tiger Sauce' across the front, i knew i had to try it. A few bottles later and i was completely hooked & its been a steady progression since then! A few years ago, I, like many others working in hospitals through the Covid 19 outbreak, became fully overwhelmed. I had been keeping a lot of feelings inside as i felt like they weren't worth burdening someone else with. Well, it adds up, and eventually it got to be too much for me and i had a mental breakdown. After talking through my feelings, understanding what was truly important to me and being supported by my amazing wife/friends/family, i decided i had to quit my job and take some time to regroup. And weirdly, i found solace in making hot sauce! After repeated pleas from friends to make bigger batches and sell it to them, Big Jim's was born!
Great Sauces Funding Important Causes
As i mentioned above, this all started following a mental breakdown, and started getting better once i talked about it.... That was an eye opener for me. I started to realise that there are thousands of people out there who feel like they cant talk about whats burdening them, and its those heavy feelings that can drag you down to your lowest points. That's why I decided that I would donate 10% of the profits from this little sauce business to causes helping others with their mental health. Causes like Andy's Man's Club, who provide spaces all over the UK to allow men to go and talk, listen, or just be in company of others and realise they are not alone and there is a way through. It's OK To Talk!
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